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Q: My code references the COM support for VB6's DataReport and DataEnvironment:


Is that a problem?

A:  These two rarely used VB6 features have no direct replacement in .NET.   

Some additional troubleshooting in your environment may be needed to resolve these missing IDFs and at least get a first translation.  But even having that, the Data Environment and Data Report present more serious problems:  They store application symbols (i.e. report fields) in a proprietary format that is not easily accessible to our tool.  This missing information leads to reduced translation quality. 

The bottom line is these two VB6 features are not supported by our tool without some analysis and custom solution design/implementation.

If you have a large system, or many systems like this, learning the tool and hiring us to help you develop an automated upgrade solution might be worth the cost/effort, but for a single small code, just doing it by hand may be more appropriate.

See also Support Statement: Proprietary Designers (e.g. ActiveReports)