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Metrics Report Transfer Instructions

If you are not able to share code with us, we offer some limited assessment by examining the reports generated by gmStudio from your code in your environment.

Assessment Metrics Gathering for a new project using the Wizard

The easiest way to gather metrics from a new source system is with gmStudio Upgrade Project Wizard.  This Wizard appears by default when you run gmStudio after a fresh installation or it can be started from the File menu   The wizard will take you through the steps of setting up a gmStudio project, running assessment translations, and generating assessment report files.  The wizard will also let you send high level project information to us.   In order to gather and send the detailed reports to us, complete the following steps:

  1. Run through the gmStudio new project wizard. After the wizard runs, your assessment files will be in the Reports folder and you will be taken to the gmStudio main form.

  2. Open the Reports Folder by clicking [View\Reports] on the main menu

  3. Zip up the files in the report folder using file compression tool

  4. Email the zip file to us or if you prefer we can use a secure transfer through your account on the Great Migrations web site

Assessment Metrics Gathering for an existing project


For gathering assessment metrics from an existing project.

  1. Add the VBPs to a gmStudio project and run the translations; 
    Note: gmStudio will be in Reporting Only Mode if the project size exceeds license limits

  2. Display the Reports tab
    1. click [Edit Patterns for Code scan] and remove any blanks before the comments (as shown in Figure 1)
    2. check the [All Tasks] option
    3. check the report  items in the Reporting Controls list (as shown in Figure 1)
    4. click [Run Selected Reports]

  3. Open the reports folder by clicking [Open Reports Folder]

  4. Zip up the files in the folder using file compression tool

  5. Email the zip file or if you prefer we can arrange for a transfer a secure web folder.


gmStudio produces most reports as flat text files in tab-delimited format. The reports can be opened in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or loaded into a relational database for more in-depth analysis. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about either of these important topics.

The gmStudio reports are in the Reporting section of the gmStudio users guide.


Figure 1. Running Assessment Reports

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