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  • Adds support for specifying a base class for controls in the stub framework
  • Improves the quality of translations for systems of many inter-related VBPs
  • Improves handling numeric const values declared with type indicator character
  • Improves expression of VB File IO Operations: LOF, Seek, FileCopy
  • Improves handling of parameters declared As Any
  • Improves handling of name clashes between global symbols
  • Improves handling of PictureBox.Image.Set
  • Improves type inference for variants used as arrays
  • Improves inferring the number of dimensions for array parameters
  • Improves handling undeclared variables when archaic typing directives (e.g. DefInt) are in use
  • Improves handling Select-Case with byte compared to enum entry
  • Improves translation for integer division for VB.NET
  • Improves conversion of string to double for VB.NET
  • Improves GoSub migration to support references to local const variables
  • Improves GoSub migration when subroutines are refactored out of functions for VB.NET
  • Improves migration of VB.Line coordinates from Twips to PixelsImproves handling of comments in ASP translations
  • Improves migrating parameterized properties
  • Improves migrating enumerations in COM libraries
  • Improves migrating methods with optional arguments
  • Improves migrating Select Case Is... with Date variables
  • Improves migrating VB.Line geometry from Twips to pixels in designer code
  • Improves handling of interfaces when generating translation for a system of inter-related VBPs
  • Improves handling of custom events and event handlers when generating translation for a system of inter-related VBPs
  • Improved migration of On Error handling to try-catch