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In gmStudio, the translation of each migration tasks task proceeds in 3 steps:

  1. Using data from the migration project, the current task, and the template translation script produce an actual translation script
  2. Start the gmBasic translation engine as a new  process in the working folder, passing in the actual translation script on the command line
  3. Monitor the gmBasic output, capture it in a log file and display it in the session panel
  4. Inspect the gmBasic outputs (i.e. the log file and the code bundle) for record status and results on the migration task record.


  1. Loading the source code from disk into memory
  2. Pre-Processing processing the source code (e.g. compile/fix commands if specified) 
  3. Building a detailed symbol table from the identifiers declared in the source code and in the external libraries referenced by the source code 
  4. Building a low-level semantic model from the logic in the source code 
  5. Analyzing the symbol table and semantic model and transforming it to fit the target requirements 
  6. Authoring the target code for the semantic model and symbol table. 
  7. Post-Processing the target code (optional) 
  8. Publish the target code (write to disk as text bundle file)