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  • Basic Upgrade, producing a “direct” translation of the legacy code that builds in .NET that is ready to be modernized and refactored
  • Advanced Upgrade, producing a custom version of the translated code that satisfies specific technical requirements and is ready to be debugged and tested
  • Verification, producing a system that is verified to satisfy functional requirements.  This ; verification is often done iteratively with while fine-tuning technical upgrade features



Beyond the Conversion

In practice, a serious .NET adoption effort requires much more than running a tool. For example, preparation typically includes defining architecture and development standards and developing or acquiring new architecture components. Likewise, verification typically includes proving functional correctness (through systematic regression testing), checking conformance to new standards (through code reviews), and ensuring production readiness (through various technical tests). Finally, translation typically goes well beyond the proverbial "straight conversion" to include extensive automated restructuring, incorporation of hand written code, and replacement of legacy APIs and COM components with .NET equivalents or upgrades.