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Given a working VB6 or ASP Classic application, the Smart Start Package
is a short engagement with us that provides a .NET upgrade solution
for the application – regardless of its size or complexity.

The deliverables will provide code, tools, and information that will help
you get started with your migration effort.

After the Smart Start, you may choose to finish the .NET upgrade by
manual development or by using gmStudio and the
agile Tool-Assisted Rewrite Methodology it supports.

Standard Deliverables

The Smart Start deliverables include the following:

  • The Upgraded Code Baseline rewritten in your choice
    of .NET language (C# or VB.NET)
  • A detailed Upgrade Assessment Workbook
  • The gmStudio Upgrade Solution customized for your code.
    This solution will contain:

    1. The custom translation scripts used to produce
      the Upgraded Code Baseline
    2. A gmStudio License with which to reproduce and
      verify the Upgraded Code Baseline at your site.
  • A live presentation of the deliverables and key findings.

What's in the Upgrade Assessment Workbook?

  • System Structure Source code structure,
    GUI complexity, and methods metrics. 
  • Language Issues Specific coding patterns in your code
    that might require special attention during the upgrade 
  • API Dependencies An inventory of the entry-point
    API (aka Win32) calls 
  • COM DependenciesA detailed inventory of how your
    application uses COM components and controls 

  • Estimating SheetsLists that summarize the major
    upgrade tasks and strategies to help plan the upgrade effort




Codebase  Verification

1 week

Upgrade and Assessment

2 weeks

Presentation to Customer

1 day


Pricing (USD) 

System Type





VB6 Application

No Charge


Contact Us

Contact Us

ASP Application

No Charge


Contact Us

Contact Us


Demonstration Only: deliverables are presented in a web demo but not released to the customer
Standard Deliverables: generated code is the standard translation plus a few optimizations, at our discretion
Build-Complete: generated code is a standard translation, plus modifications needed to produce a successful build in .NET
Custom: generated code will build in .NET and contain agreed to re-engineering upgrades and technical modifications

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