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Standard support is included with the product and includes help with installation and with producing an initial translation.

Product updates are typically available on a monthly basis or sooner if we need to distribute a fix for a customer problem.

Translation Issues are situations where the tool is unable to produce a well-formed, standard translation from a well-formed set of inputs. We will also address "bugs" with the gmStudio IDE. We consider these high priority matters. We prefer to receive support requests via email but phone is acceptable. An on-line support forum and gmStudio User Community site is in development. We will use email, web meetings, and phone in responding to support requests.

We will also respond to email requests for help with advanced use of the tool (i.e., customization and automated reengineering) at a best-efforts level of service. We recommend customers planning to use the product for advanced features definitely study the samples, and read the gmStudio User Guide. We also recommend that customers consider buying advanced training and higher-order services if extensive use of translation customization features is planned.

Enhanced support is available per request and includes help with improving the quality of translations produced by the tool.

Please contact us here. 

  1. Bug Reports
  2. Additional Information


 Bug Reports

Please make sure that you are using the latest version of gmStudio and that you have carefully read this User's Guide.

If your problem is not addressed by the documentation, the following information is required to provide support:

  • A full description of your problem. 
  • gmStudio version and License Information (See [Help/About]). 
  • Operating System version. 
  • .NET Framework version. 
  • How the error or condition has occurred, including the sequence of actions leading up to the error condition, error messages...etc.

Occasionally support cases require sample files to reproduce the error condition. Please compress related material into .zip archives. 

 Additional Information

Please visit for the latest news and information on our products.

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