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Rolls-Royce Nuclear Engineering Services helps Naval and commercial utility customers to maximise plant operation and safely extend plant lifetimes. Their AutoTour and RoundsMaker applications facilitate conducting and tracking power plant inspections.

Great Migrations worked with Rolls-Royce to implement an initial upgrade solution producing an integrated build-complete VB.NET system. Great Migrations delivered the solution along with a gmStudio license and provided training and support so that the Rolls-Royce team could continue development and optimization of the upgrade solution in-house.

Project Highlights

System Metrics

FILES98K LOC Logic and 13K LOC GUI in 143 Files: 78 Forms, 2 MDIForm, 24 Classes, 8 UserControls, 29 Modules, 0 PropertyPages, 0 Designers organized into 2 VBPs. 
MEMBERS3,647 unique subprograms: 837 subroutines, 937 functions, 407 properties, 479 externs, 987 event handlers.   
UI67 unique UI containers containing 1,248 instances of 42 different kinds of controls.    
COM4,389 calls to external COM components. The diversity of COM members is 529 unique members from 120 classes in 20 COM components.  
WIN32695 calls to 165 unique entry-point APIs from 12 libraries. API Calls are made from 184 different user procedures.  

COM Upgrades

All COM dependencies were initially satisfied by a COM stub framework generated automatically from actual COM usage found in the source codebase. The generated stub framework contained assemblies generated for third-party COM components as well as in-house components not provided as source. This framework was subsequently upgraded to functional .NET components by the upgrade team as part of their effort to verify and optimize the generated .NET application code.  Some of the COM components included in the stub framework are listed below.

Microsoft Access 14.0 Object Library
Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 6.1 Library 
Microsoft ADO Ext. 6.0 for DDL and Security 
Microsoft Windows Common Controls 5.0 (SP2) 
Microsoft Excel 14.0 Object Library 
Graphics Server Extended Graph 
Microsoft Common Dialog Control 6.0 (SP6) 
Microsoft XML, v3.0 
Microsoft Scripting Runtime 
Microsoft Word 14.0 Object Library

Upgrade Features

The core features of the translation tool were enhanced to produce more build-complete VB.NET code.