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Autologue is a leading provider of automotive aftermarket software solutions. Autologue's PartsWatch product offers advanced auto parts inventory and distribution management features.

Project Highlights

  • Main objective: to accelerate the incremental migration of PartsWatch to the C#.NET platform reducing cost and risk without requiring a code freeze or sacrificing quality.
  • 77 inter-related vb6 projects
  • 1.6M source code lines
  • 34 external COM components and controls
  • Effort: 30 person-days for solution development, 5 days for customer training

Great Migrations provided development, training, and support for using gmSudio to implement an automated, repeatable upgrade solution. This solution generates an integrated, build-complete set of C# application projects from the PartsWatch VB6 code.  It also generates set of C# projects providing a stub class framework to replace the COM dependencies found in that code. All of the projects are organized in a VS2015 solution to facilitate a full-stack build and further analysis and development. Great Migrations also provided an on-sight gmStudio training workshop to hand-off the upgrade solution and ensure that the the Autologue team would be able to advance and use the solution as part a broader, long-term upgrade strategy.


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