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Southern Company Services,  a large electric and gas utility company based in Atlanta, Georgia, used our tools and services to upgrade two ASP web sites to ASP.NET/C#.  The two sites were the external-facing and internal-facing components of a web-based Operations Maintenance Tracking and Reporting application.  Using gmStudio, Great Migrations provided full, end-to-end support, to perform a tool-assisted rewrite of these applications to functional equivalence running in production. 

Project Highlights

  • Internal site: 101 Pages and 21 #includes containing 6K LOC logic and 7K LOC markup
  • External Site: 249 Pages and 30 #includes containing 22K LOC logic and 20K LOC markup
  • The site was upgraded to follow SCS .NET web site standards and integrate with their new theme/css and security framework
  • Client-side VBScript was upgraded to client-side JavaScript to allow better cross-browser operation
  • Pages were modified to allow asynchronous client-side operations – to be more compatible with ASP.NET