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gmBasic: Upgrade Engine Update

gmBasic is a powerful code processor that reads, interprets, and rewrites VB6/ASP/COM systems as .NET (C# or VB.NET). We are always improving gmBasic so that it is more robust and flexible and it produces cleaner, more correct results. This distribution, Version 30.55, includes several enhancements:

  • Improves the general ability to produce accurate build-complete .NET (C# and VB.NET) systems from VB6 systems (most recently including enhancements needed to upgrade a large shipping logistics application with 1 VBP referencing 283 code files containing 880K LOC and 39 third party-COM components)
  • Adds Refactor/OverGeneric statement to create generic overloads for byref parameters that must take multiple types of arguments
  • Adds new Replace attributes for matching patterns: MatchBlock='on' and MatchTillLast='on'
  • Improves generated Forms designer code
  • Adds parameter@types attribute to the InterfaceDefine feature to direct interfaces generated from specified types
  • Improves upgrading difficult cases of On Error Goto and On Error Resume
  • Improves GoSub refactoring to allow more GoSubs within a method
  • Improves handling of reference to COM Constants
  • Improves handling of calls to the Array function with no arguments
  • Improves translations of Third-Party Controls on Forms and UserControls
  • Improves handling of naming conflicts between undeclared application symbols and VB6/COM global symbols
  • Improves handling of naming conflicts between control names and VB6 keywords
  • Adds DataStore API methods to the GM Scripting Language (gmSL)

gmStudio: Upgrade Solution Development Environment Update

Powered by gmBasic, gmStudio is a development environment for creating high-performance, custom VB6/ASP/COM to .NET upgrade solutions. We are always adding functionality to gmStudio and also making it easier to use. This distribution includes several enhancements:

  • Improves the Visual Studio integration by allowing you to launch with a new VS Solution or with a .NET project file
  • Improves the Visual Studio integration by opening the existing session if already running
  • Improves the VB6 IDE integration by opening the existing session if already running
  • Improves Upgrade Wizard by allowing user to skip metrics reporting operations
  • Improves launching Side-By-Side Viewer for build errors in MDIForms
  • Corrects project creation using Windows Shell Integration

Sample Upgrade Rules Update

gmStudio ships with a collection of sample upgrade rules that can be used to add custom features to your upgrade solution. These XML documents and gmSL scripts are distributed as source that you may modify to fit your unique requirements. The sample rules were updated to reflect the latest product improvements and conventions.

Sample Upgrade Solutions Update

Great Migrations publishes a number of sample VB6/ASP upgrade solutions to illustrate the capabilities of gmStudio. The sample upgrade solutions were updated to reflect the latest product improvements and conventions.