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N’ware Technologies (“NWTech”) used gmStudio to upgrade its Warehouse Management System (“WMS”) to ASP.NET/C#.NET.  

WMS is a commercial web-based application consisting of 191 ASP pages and 9 #include files, expressed in 98K unique lines of ASP code and referencing a number of external COM APIs. 

In a one-week engagement, Great Migrations developed a custom migration solution to automatically rewrite the VB6/ASP WMS application code as ASP.NET/C# code. The solution generates an ASP.NET/C# translation of the ASP pages and their #includes with COM dependencies satisfied by a C# stub framework. All C# files are organized into a build-complete web application project – ready for refactoring, reengineering and verification on the ASP.NET/C# platform by NWTech.