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What is gmADS

The Great Migrations Application Development System (gmADS), formerly known as PROMULA, is a tool for building high-performance data management and modeling systems using our unique array management technology.

gmADS is a general-purpose, high-level programming language with built-in data management, modeling, report generation, graphics, and screen management (menus and windows) capabilities. It is the ideal development tool for those who have outgrown the spreadsheets but do not want to develop applications in a third generation programming language (such as FORTRAN, PASCAL, BASIC, or C). Though its intellectual history goes back to the late ‘60's on mainframes, PROMULA was originally developed on PCs in the early 80's as a high-level generalization of FORTRAN designed to take explicit advantage of the FORTRAN data structure (multidimensional arrays of primarily numeric, homogeneous data). It is a portable C program and offers the same character-based functionality on a number of platforms: PC DOS and DOS Extended, 386/486 UNIX, RS/6000 AIX, VAX/VMS, and Apple Macintosh. As an application development tool, PROMULA supports the following functions:

  • Data management (organize and selectively manipulate data)
  • Data analysis (establish relationships in the data using an extensive library of mathematical and statistical functions)
  • Modeling (simulate a problem and possible solutions to it)
  • "What if" analysis (compare alternative decisions about the problem)
  • Report generation (display results in report form)
  • Graphics (display results in plotted form)

More Information

The gmADS manual is available as PDF here.

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