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ISO New England used gmStudio to upgrade two applications to .NET:

  • CCA, Claimed Capability Audits: This VB6 application was rewritten and upgraded to C#.NET with gmStudio. As part of this upgrade, two different data access APIs (ADO and DAO) and four different types of Grid Controls (FlexGrid, Hierarchical FlexGrid, MSDataGrid, as well as the internal Data Control) were standardized to ADO.NET and the .NET Forms library.
  • OIS, Operator Information System: This hybrid VB6/ASP/COM application was rewritten and upgraded to C#.NET/ASP.NET with gmStudio. The application included a very complex UserControl that wrapped and dynamically configured a control-array of FarPoint Spread controls. This rather complex ASP/VB6 solution was reengineered to a standard C#/.NET architecture -- including migrating to the .NET version of FarPoint Spread.

ISO New England, Inc.
One Sullivan Road
Holyoke, MA 01040