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Bruce Urbschat, Principal Scientist, NEPLAN

NEPLAN: New England Power Planning
One Sullivan Road
P. O. Box 1310
Holyoke, MA 01041-1310

"Over the past ten years, we have been using Promula here at NEPLAN as our primary applications development tool for developing applications in energy forecasting for the six New England states and in other related data management and data analysis areas, such as load research. Promula is an ideal development tool for data intensive applications requiring very large, n-dimensional numeric data arrays. For us, it works better than SAS on a VAX server and better than spreadsheets on the PC for our multi-dimensional modeling applications. In Promula, for example, the hourly generation data for all power stations in New England by station, hour, day, month and year for the past four years (about 110 Megabytes of data) is simply represented as a single five-dimensional variable. The display of this variable is done with a single command and its retrieval is nearly instantaneous; plus, we can do arithmetic with it using familiar, high-level matrix notation."