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Q: How can I add or remove an item from the generated stub file.

A: Use a Post-Analyse Refactor/Migrate migstatus attribute to set +referenced  or -referenced. 

The id indicated in the migrate must correspond to the source API location of the symbol being referenced or dereferenced.  For enums, this is library scope even through the IDF may declare them at class scope. 

In order for a symbol to be authored, its parent must be referenced.  

Here is an example.  I want to author a stub for LibName.EnumName.EntryName in the generated code.   This can be done with the following refactor/migrate commands:


   <Migrate id="LibName.ClassName" migStatus="+referenced"/>
   <Migrate id="LibName.EnumName" migStatus="+referenced"/>
   <Migrate id="LibName.EnumName.EntryName" migStatus="+referenced"/>

Adds the following to the stub file for LibName:

   public class ClassName
      public enum EnumName
         EntryName= 9

To remove a stub member, set migStatus="-referenced".

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