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Q: I have a big ASP upgrade project and many of the files are no longer in scope.  How to I remove all of the out-of-scope files from my project?

A: Depends

Removing only the files in an "unwanted list"

If you have a list of files to remove, filter the task list to the files you want to remove then select those tasks and click remove.  The save or save as your project.

Keeping only the files in a "wanted list"

If you have a list of files to to keep, use the following process.

0) Prepare a text file with the files to keep. 

This is a text file containing full file paths with one file on each line of the file. 

These paths will be matched against the SrcFolder\SrcFile value for each task in the gmProj file. Lets call this ShortList.txt

1) Make a back of the gmProj file you wish to filter and set it aside for fallback if needed.

2) Load the gmProj file you wish to filter.

3) Open the Add Files Form

4) Enter the path of the ShortList in the file Search File Filter text box preceded by an '@'. For example "@ShortList.txt"

5) Click the Reset button

6) Click the Save And Exit Button

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