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ADP Dealer Services used gmStudio in support of its project to upgrade its Desking product to ASP.NET/C#.NET. Desking is a commercial web application consisting of over 200 ASP pages and 60 #include files containing over 125K server-side logic LOC and 30K markup LOC.  Desking also includes a custom VB6 business-logic DLL containing about 40K LOC.


In a two-week engagement, Great Migrations developed a custom migration solution to automatically rewrite the VB6/ASP Desking application code as C# of  build-complete  quality.  Some of the technical highlights of this solution are as follows:

  • Rewrites the site's 200+ pages as ASPX pages with C# code-behind organized in a .NET web application project
  • Rewrites the site's 60+ #include files as web user controls with code-behind, as appropriate
  • Replaces COM references with generated .NET stub classes. 
  • Reworks Win32 dependencies to use .NET framework classes
  • Reworks VBScript to C# with strong typing
  • Produces detailed system metrics reports to assist with planning the work to refactor and optimize the code by hand
  • Translation Time: VB6 5 seconds, ASP Site: 20 seconds